Dr. M. Mustafa Hirji, Acting Medical Officer of Health and Commissioner, Public Health, Niagara Region – Promotes Lockdowns, Masking Children & Segregation of the Unvaccinated


Continues to encourage lockdowns, vaccination passports & segregation in the community based on vaccine status.  Also promoting restrictions beyond provincial requirements, and gave himself $200,000.00 additional Covid pay on top of his $257,000.00 regional salary https://www.ontariosunshinelist.com/people/mustafa-hirji/regional-municipality-of-niagara

Just who is Dr. Hirji? The local public health official pulling all the strings

While he remains an unelected official, it could be said that the pandemic has allowed Hirji to effectively realize his political aspirations. With the emergency powers afforded to him through provincial legislation, COVID-19 has thrust the former political aspirant into the role of de facto head of council: with his name in the headlines, his opinions driving the narrative, and his orders that must be followed.

As Welland regional councillor Leanna Villella said at the most recent Committee of the Whole meeting, “Somewhere along the line we lost our ability to actually have a say in how the Region is moving forward and that concerns me a great deal. I feel like the majority of power is in the hands of one department and, in all fairness Dr. Hirji, in one individual – and that in itself is very concerning to me.”

Hirji: Give fully vaccinated Ontarians an OHIP tax rebate

“It just makes logical sense in order to keep hospitalizations and the health burden down. So give people a reward, for having done their part for community health.” – Dr. Mustafa Hirji


Laws Violated

He has violated our Charter of Rights & Freedoms by imposing mandates & lockdowns which are harmful to citizens.


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Dr Mustafa Hirji

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