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Dr Kiirsten Patrick is the new Editor in chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Dr David Fisman is an epidemiology professor at the University of Toronto. When it comes to the covid agenda and industry, Fisman’s conflict of interests include that he has served on advisory boards related to influenza and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines for Seqirus, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sanofi-Pasteur Vaccines.

On April 25th 2022, the CMAJ published this article by Fisman, Amoako, and Tuite: Impact of population mixing between vaccinated and unvaccinated subpopulations on infectious disease dynamics: implications for SARS-CoV-2 transmission

Real world data continues to show that the so-called covid “vaccines” do not stop infection or transmission, and are very dangerous. In their first six months alone, these injections triggered more VAERS reports of death and other harms than all vaccines for all disease combined did for all of thirty years combined. Pfizers own documents revealed that 3% of injected people were dead within 3 months, and another 28% were seriously injured. Despite this, the WEF, WHO, Bill Gates and their minions, continue greasing palms and jabbing arms.

How does Fisman fit into this? It appears that his most recent assignment was to counter the reality which shows that these injections should have been stopped long ago. Fisman produced a fraudulent scientific modelling study. This involves no real patients or statistics, just his groups mathematical model. This model is full of flaws; most notably Fisman made his calculations based on his “assumption” that only 20% of “unvaccinated” Canadians had natural immunity. In reality, the majority of Canadians had immunity back in March 2021, and those percentages have since risen to 85-90%.

Using his “assumption” that only 20% of “unvaccinated ” Canadians have covid immunity, Fisman built a mathematical model that appears to show: that infection risk is higher in the “unvaccinated” than the “vaccinated”; that “unvaccinated ” people are the dominant source of covid infections for the “vaccinated”; and that even within these groups, the “unvaccinated” are infecting each other, more than the “vaccinated” are infecting each other.

None of this is true. Actually, when one replaces the false 20% natural immunity assumption of Fisman, with the 85% reality, you find that it is the supposedly “vaccinated” individuals putting others at most risk of catching covid.
Nazi Propaganda Poster WWII

In addition to being scientific garbage that the CMAJ should never have published, Fisman’s article also contains some very strong rhetoric condemning the “unvaccinated” and promoting forced injections and the violation of human rights. Within Fisman’s CMAJ article, following his ridiculous “Results”, you will find the unusually scary “Interpretation” section where this fraudulent science is used as a spring-board for promoting forced injections, as well as marginalization and abuse of Non Genetically Modified People who refuse to submit to the dangerous and misrepresented injections.

Big pharma and the covid agenda have many puppets! Fisman’s fake science supporting the Covid agenda and the forced injections, was transmitted in lockstep by big pharma’s media puppets across the nation and around the world.

Laws Violated

Do no Harm Hippocratic Oath

It is often said that the exact phrase “First do no harm” (Latin: Primum non nocere) is a part of the original Hippocratic oath. Although the phrase does not appear in the AD 245 version of the oath, similar intentions are vowed by, “I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm”.




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