On June 28, 2021, I lost my job due to my workplace going bankrupt due to covid lockdowns and I was forced on EI through no fault of my own, forced to live on 55% of my previous salary. At the end of March 2022, my EI ran out so I’m now forced to live off my meager savings plus what money family gives me. Although, I have been looking constantly, I have not found another job, plus I have no benefits since I no longer qualify thanks to lockdowns forced by both federal and provincial governments. To rub salt into the wound, the government garnished my EI to claw back $2000.00 THEY gave me because THEY forced me out of work. I never quit my job and was not fired for not being vaccinated. I am fully vaccinated as are the vast majority of those I know. I have lost many friends though, who bought into the tyrannical brainwashing, and I blame the government for that. I never thought anyone (even government) could be so cruel as to destroy peoples lives, on purpose for a virus with a 99% (or maybe a tad less) survival rate. This is not only one incident but many built up over the past few years. I am against all forms of discrimination, including against those who chose not to be vaccinated.

Laws Violated

Bodily autonomy
Freedom of movement
Freedom of speech
Right to earn a living
Rights protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms



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