Unable to book at Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino

British Columbia

As you dial the main number at Wickaninnish Inn, you will hear on their announcement, that fully vaccinated only are welcome. So vaccinated or not, you have show them their health record. This is illegal, highly discriminatory and extremely offensive to be treated like this as a healthy person.

Charles McDiarmid is the managing Director of Wickaninnish Inn – charles@wickinn.com


Calling the main number is proof (250) 725-3100

Laws Violated

Discrimination, violation of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, violation of the federal privacy act:

Eg: If a business has denied you service for not wearing a mask or requested proof of vaccination, they could be held liable for a fine up to $75,000 (as it varies in each province) if you file a human rights complaint. Further, no one has the right to request you show them your medical exemption, this is a violation of the Federal Privacy Act. Your private medical information is between you and your physician.




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Charles McDiarmid

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